Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabulicious Friday #42

There's been lots of great finds for this week's Fab Friday!

1. Drool-worthy: I think I may have finally found the perfect lemon bar recipe over at Bakerella. Try to ignore the fact that there is also a how to and recipe for cheesecake pops below the post (don't say I didn't warn you!). The lemon bars look like perfection, and I must bookmark that site so I can try it.

2. I just couldn't resist: A new Sherpani bag. I've written about my love with my Milli bag by Sherpani, but last week when a local travel shop went out of business and marked everything down, I found a Lily tote bag to match my Milli.

This is ma Milli. I LOVE her. She's the bestest bag in the universe.

I can't wait to try it out this summer! My bag has worn so well, and has been super convenient with all the little pockets and change purse that's included. Oh! It also has a key fob! I can't tell you how much that helps a person like me who is always losing her keys. The little pocket on the side is perfect for my cell phone, too. I'm sure that my Lily will be great in the car to hold a water bottle, some books, and my camera. I'm trying to pack light this year so no giant backpack full of stuff for this girl-just what can fit in my Lily!

This is my Lily. Bigger, roomier, and a perfect size for road trippin'!

The only thing I'm seriously bummed about is that Sherpani isn't widely distributed in Canada. Sherpani, if you are listening, get a retailer in Vancouver, or contact BC ferries about carrying your products in their gift shops! Pretty please? I'd like to buy more of your stuff!

I was so excited to see over at the Sherpani site that there is a giveaway for a Flora Major bag (my next coveted item), but then I noticed that it's only open to Americans. *sigh* But that means that all of my American readers can enter! You also get a $150 Skirt Sports certificate. You have until June 30th to enter, so head on over!

I won't even try to disguise the fact that I'm insanely jealous. Really.

3. No time but want to make something fun with the kids? Let's face it, I just don't have the time, the talent, or access to amazing baking supplies to do cake pops like Bakerella. ( I mean honestly, look at this amazing creation.)

I do, however, have marshmallows. I found this great little craft/treat over at The Wicked Noodle and thought of you guys. These would make an amazing treat for a party, and look quick and easy to make!

4. Crafty: Are you a scrap booker? Looking for some more crafting fun? Check out this VERY cute shabby flower tutorial over at The Two Happy Stampers!

Aren't they precious? I love the buttons.

This looks like a great idea for sprucing up gifts, or even a great craft to occupy your pre-teen girls on a summery afternoon. You could attach them to gift bags, decorate a cork board, make some home made cards, or let your imagination run wild. The directions look really easy to follow, too!

5. Book-able: Got a teen that loves to read? Go check out the Teen reading Club.

The Teen Reading club is an online library based reading club for teenagers. They can review books, win prizes, talk about their favorite books, and meet other people. I had heard about this through Jake's high school, and when I went to the site it was down for a few more days. Normally I wouldn't recommend something for Fab Friday without actually checking it out, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Hopefully by the time this goes live, it will actually be online. (keep your fingers crossed!) The site is up and running! Go check it out!

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