Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of the School Year Crazies

You know what? It's getting nutty around here. Between working and keeping Jake organized for finals, getting him registered for online courses for next year, end of the year parties, luncheons, teacher's gifts, and battling dust bunnies in his room, I'm having a hard time keeping up with anything exciting. Dinner has even been down graded to sandwiches. How sad is THAT?

I would SO much rather be relaxing at my favorite US National park, which I wrote about over at the Road Trip Files.

For something more local, I also wrote a post on 5 great walks with kids in Coastal BC.

Of course any good post wouldn't be complete without food, so check out this yummy recipe for spiced lamb and feta flat breads. I made it just last week and we devoured these things, smacking our lips and picking at bits of salty feta.

Mmm...I could go for one of those now, but it's been a challenge just making sure we all have clean socks. It'll be nice when we are fully into summer and I can just kick back at the beach with a good book.

Are you living with craziness right now or are you in full swing summer mode?

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