Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diving In (to Summer)

School is finally out!

For Jake, it's been out over a week. It's sort of torturous, really, for your teenager to be able to sleep in and stay home all day while you have to shlep your butt off to work. Jake just had to remind me of that fact every single day.

Although, I will acknowledge that like a typical teen, he complains about it. Hey, don't give me the whole "you shouldn't be promoting teen stereotypes" speech, because I know this first hand. Teens will ALWAYS find something to complain about.

To keep Jake busy I left him a list every day of minor chores in the hopes that he would putter around the house, rather than conduct some strange experiment in the garage and render us homeless by blowing it up.

(Kidding. Jake doesn't actually do anything in the garage that would blow the house up.)

We celebrated the very last day by having dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. I had planned to take pictures but I forgot my camera! How lame is that? Jake always thinks having sushi with me is fun because he gets to laugh at my pitiful attempt to eat with chopsticks. How is it that a kid with a motor disability can use chopsticks flawlessly, while I am helpless? It's so not fair.

What do we have planned for the next 10 weeks?

-biking local trails
-beaching it
-brewing our own root beer (Jake's latest experiment)
-visiting the Farmer's Market
-hanging out with friends
-berry picking!
-4x4ing in Utah
-keeping my herb garden alive
-wrestling with the sprinkler

....and much more! What's your plans for the summer?

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