Monday, May 11, 2009

We Have a New Pet!

Meet George, everyone.

I would have a picture of him, but he's just a bit too fast for my camera. Not just that, but it's a bit hard to balance on a chair, aim the lens way above my head, and get a picture of him while he does laps around the living room ceiling. Besides, I'm a little worried he might jump off and land on me or something.

Oh, I forgot to mention?

George is our resident spider. A small, jumpy, black as black can be spider.

I'm not a fan of spiders, really. I believe it has something to do with this:

Ah yes, that cartoon version of "The Hobbit" that was released on TV way back in 1977. Where giant spiders capture the Hobbits, spin them up, and eat them. My six year old self was plagued with nightmares for a long time after watching this.

Then, I turned out to be the type of teenager that was into spider torture, by poking Daddy Long Legs with hot burning sticks just to watch their little legs wiggle. I know. How sadistic and weird!

These days I'm not into spider torture, but my usual reaction to a tiny bit of insect-ness streaking across my floor is to squash it with a shoe. That is, if Jake doesn't hear me first and come to the spider's rescue in time. Jake is the spider savior of the house, the one guy that can bed counted on to swoop in and capture the little buggy, in order to release it into the wilds outside the door.

George has been smart; he just sits up there in the far away corners of our kitchen, listening to our dinner conversations and hunting for his dinner while we keep a wary eye on him. I don't believe he's a web spinning type, and so we rest assured that he'll keep the kitchen free of any wayward bugs that tend to wander in. This is a good thing, because some of my house plants have had a few buggy troubles. Hubs says it's my tendency to kill them with kindness (I water them too much).

Anyway George and I have made a pact, of sorts.

He stays off my floor, and I won't squash him.

Do you have any resident bugs in your house?

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