Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Toothbrush Switcheroo

Me: "Honey, remember when I accidentally bought you that kid's sized toothbrush and it was too small? I think I accidentally did that to myself, too. I have this toothbrush and it's so damn small. "

Hubs: "Wait a sec. I just got one from the dentist like that. What color is your toothbrush?"

Me: (pause..) "Um...wait a sec, I think it'"

Hubs runs to the bathroom and returns with two toothbrushes

"THIS (hands me a green toothbrush) is YOURS".

Me: "Oops. Then I just used yours this morning. "

Hubs walks away with his toothbrush, looking a bit irritated. I begin to run after him.

"'re not mad, are you? It was an accident, I can buy you a new one, if you want."

Hubs stops at the medicine cabinet and begins digging through it.

"I'm not mad," his voice is muffled by the fact that half his head is in the cupboard. "but is there anything in here I can sterilize this with?"

When he couldn't find any alcohol, he did what any husband whose wife accidentally uses his toothbrush would do.

He boiled it.

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