Friday, May 29, 2009

My Brain is Full.

Yesterday Jake asked hopefully,

"Are there field trips in June?"

He was thinking back to the days of elementary school; June means fun and games, like sports day, field trips to the beach, movies, and class parties.

" Sorry," was my reply. "You get to do final exams, though."

There was a sigh of resignation as he glanced at the stack of books on the table beside him.

"I never thought I'd miss elementary school. My brain is full, Mom."

I'm feeling exactly the same way. My poor brain is overflowing with scientific knowledge about how auroras form, the electrical charges in lightning, what causes Jupiter's magnetic field, the theory of planet Orpheus, what would happen if we had no moon, and Ohm's Law.

Oh, and that's just one course. Throw in my others and you've got mitosis, cells, forces and pressure, the French revolution, Napoleon, Henry VIII, and Touching Spirit Bear.

Thus is the end of the year when you work in a high school. Can you imagine the kids? I don't know how they do it. We sat in a 28 C classroom, practically melting at the seams, discussing Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette, and all I could think about was ice cream.

As soon as that bell went, Jake and I were out the door to the nearest air conditioned store to cool off over deliciously chilled sodas.

Two more weeks to go. Just two! Maybe I can find a little more room in my brain until then. Just don't ask me to remember anything, please. I'm not sure it will fit.

*Far Side Cartoon by Gary Larson.

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