Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother Day Part Deux

This was taken last weekend as we hiked through the wilds of BC. Jake wasn't impressed. He didn't want a Mother's Day photo; he didn't want any photo. He wanted Hubs to hurry up and take the damn picture already, and for me to like, quit hugging him. The only reason he stood still and sort of smiled was that I used good old fashioned guilt ("but honey, it's Mother's Day?") and bribed him with a treat at Starbucks.

Later, Hubs drove past our favorite restaurant immediately after Jake and I had just consumed Starbucks drinks and a slice of raspberry lemon loaf. (aka "The Bribe")

Have you have tried Starbucks raspberry lemon loaf? We wait all year for it to make it's return in the spring. We then do a dance to the lemon loaf gods and bow to the pastry case when it makes it's appearance... really. We love it. But I digress.

Anyhow, as I'm finishing up the last sip of my latte and feeling pleasantly full, Hubs suggests we go out for an early dinner. Jake and I are all...."NOW?! My God man, had you told us we would have skipped Starbucks, but now we're full!?We never go out for dinner and we've planned to go to this place for months, and now you just spring it on us, and I can't even eat another thing for hours because I'm full?"

Some of you are probably wondering how the hell we could be full from a tall latte and a slice of lemon loaf, but our family happens to be notoriously small eaters. Except when Jake is going through a growth spurt, and then he eats enough to feed a small village.

I seriously considered eating dinner anyway. But we thought the place was probably busy, so we made the painful decision to wait for another day.

So reality is that I'm getting to stretch Mother's Day out to TWO weekends, and this Sunday we'll be back out to try a great new restaurant.

You'd almost think I planned that, huh?

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