Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fabulicious Friday #40

Fab Friday! We'll just pretend it's not actually Saturday, okay? On the docket this week is a yummy place to take Mom for lunch, a good movie, a Mother's Day story at Everythingmom, and two great environmentally friendly cleaning items. Enjoy your weekend!

1. Environmentally Friendly-ism : Method Tub and Tile Spray

I hate to clean showers. Hate, hate, hate. Out of all the house work I do, this is my least favorite. However, the other day I tried Method's tub and tile spray and (gasp!) it was amazing! Just squirt it all over the shower and literally watch the gunk come off!

I was so impressed. Plus it smells good and is supposed to be environmentally friendly.

2. Movie of the Week: Star Trek

Okay unless you are living under a rock (or are under 18, I guess) you would not know about the new Star Trek movie released this weekend. So far? The reviews seem to be good. We're pumped about seeing it, when it finally makes the journey WAY out here in deep space. My plan is to kidnap Hubs and make him come with me, because they only way to see Star Trek is in a theater.

3. Great Place to Take Mom: A Kettle Of Fish

Years ago we used to frequent A Kettle of Fish for my birthday. This place has fantastic seafood, is a nice looking restaurant, and as I remember, has good service. This mother's day they have a brunch happening-and Mom gets a free mimosa! Read a review, and here's their website. Yummy!

4. Mother's Day Post: Do Over

Sometimes I think we'd all like a do-over when it comes to being a Mom. Read about mine over at Everything Mom.

5. Really Awesome Soap: Water Geeks all natural foam soap

Back when Water Geeks sent me a water bottle to review, they included a little 75 ml bottle of their all natural, antibacterial liquid soap. I had planned to save it for when we went on vacation because it's such a convenient travel size, but I broke down and tried it.

Wow! I love this stuff. It has a pump that makes it all go foamy when you use it, cleans great, and smells awesome. What is great that it's gentle enough for you, babies, even veggies. There's no harsh chemicals or strong scents here, and I love it. I think when I run out I'm going to have to buy some! At under $5 right now (it's on sale) it's not a bad deal at all.

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