Monday, May 18, 2009

Cookie Crumbs

Jake sees me reading this article about Kate Gosselin and his brow furrows slightly.

"Geez Mom, she's kinda fat in that picture."

"Jake, the woman just had SIX kids. What do you expect with SIX children growing inside of you?"

Jake's eyes suddenly widen and a look of pure horror crosses his face, as he clutches himself as in pain.

"Oh. My. God. Mom, she didn't...I mean...really...could she? Have? The babies? Like, all AT the SAME TIME? Because that would hurt so much, and is just gross, and....."????

"Uh, no. The babies don't all come out together. Trust me, one at a time is more than enough."


It's Sunday morning, and we are all getting ready to go out for lunch. Hubs barges into Jake's room to tell him to get ready faster because he is, let's face it, so slow it's amazing.

Jake: "HEY! What are you doing? Get out of my room! I'M NAKED!! People will see me!"

Hubs: "What, and the wide open blinds that show the neighbors everything doesn't bother you?"



Scatteredmom: "What the hell was that?"

Jake: "Just me, diving for the closet. I'm okay!"

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