Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wisdom From the High School Yearbook

Remember back when you were young and going to take on the world? And you wrote about it in a friend's yearbook? My 20 year grad reunion is coming up this May, and so I was looking through my old yearbooks recently.

"If you fail in having a successful career come to me and I'll give you a job as my cleaning maid. "

Um, gee, thanks. I think?

"Kids in front seat cause accidents, accidents in the back seat cause kids."

Glad we got that clear when we were 14, or it might have been a bit of a problem.

"Have a terrific summer and do something I would do, but nothing too bad."

I was the school goody goody. While everyone else was getting drunk or high, my idea of thrills was watching "Jaws" on HBO. My parents only allowed G and PG rated movies.

"We'll have to get together sometime and go man-huntin!"

We did! In a car with the windows down, sipping Cokes and the music cranked as high as it would go, we thought we were so cool as we cruised the single strip of road through town. We never did find any men that were worthy, just boys that we'd known since kindergarten.

"Maybe we could get together and dissect a frog, or grow tapeworms in a bottle. How bout it?"

We decided that driving around in his car was much more animal friendly and less messy. Hey, it was a small town-you gotta get a bit creative with stuff to do, you know? He was in my biology class, after all.

"In 10 years from now or less, I'm coming for you. I'll be around one day at your doorstep."

From an ex-boyfriend. Stalker, much?

"No matter what happens in our future, you will always be the best thing that ever happened to me."

Ah, young love at 17 when you think that you will be together forever, get married, have babies, and nothing is ever going to change.....

"Your last Algebra teacher wishes you all the best for the future!"

Little did I know, I'd be working in a high school and just may end up in a math class one year yet. (shudder)

"May all your ups and downs in life be in bed. P.S. Don't ever write on a moving bus."

I'm not even going to ASK.

"You're an awesome person and a great friend."

Little did I know, 3 short years later he'd be gone, and THAT message is the one that means the most of all.

What's in your yearbook?

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