Saturday, April 04, 2009

Watch Eagles Being Hatched-Live!

I've lived on BC's coast for many years, and I never get tired of seeing eagles. Perched in trees, soaring through the air, or catching fish, we see at least one on a daily basis.

This morning I found this link to Hancock Wildlife Foundation via Yahoo Canada, where you can watch live streaming video of eagle nests, where they have laid eggs and the time for them to hatch is drawing near.

The feed is apparently so popular it's hard to get on the site; and I discovered that this morning because I couldn't seem to connect to any of them. Try it later in the day while you're surfing, or early in the morning. (remember they are in BC so PST applies)

Baby eagles! How cool is that?

Edited to add: I tried later on in the day and had no problem getting the feed, so I sat and watched eagles chilling out in their nests for about 10 minutes. I can't wait until the eggs hatch, that will be amazing to watch.

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