Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm Speechless. You Just HAVE to see This!

So Jake has this friend that tells tall tales. I'm sure that you have met kids like this before, and at times it can get a bit wearing.

"Oh and so the bear walked onto my school field and grabbed my best friend by the HEAD, and the SWAT team came in and had to shoot the bear before it ate my friend. His brains were everywhere, but he lived and he's fine."

HUH? Translation: A bear came to the elementary school. The kids saw it. The end.

It was no surprise really, when the friend came with us the other weekend to the local pool and he launched into another tale.

"Ya my Dad and I went hunting, and we bought this way cool jerky, but it's not made with beef. It's BIG FOOT jerky."

"Uh, huh." Eye roll-you'd think that by now, he'd know that we don't believe him?

"And I brought some-wanna taste? It's really good!"

"Oh sure, I like beef jerky."

"No, it's Sasquatch jerky." He gave Jake and I each a piece. Looked like beef jerky. Smelled like beef jerky. "I can only give you a really tiny piece because it was really expensive. Dad said it was really super expensive, but he got a deal on it and he really wanted to try some."

Hey, who am I to judge? The kid vacations in Club Med, they probably can afford it. It wasn't half bad, anyway. Sorta tasted like turkey jerky.

"So, where can we buy this 'Big Foot' Jerky?" Jake asked as he chewed. His friend wrote down something on a piece of paper and handed it to Jake, and they went off to play.

Right. I'm really going to have to call that kid's mother and let her know that these tales are getting out of hand. I mean seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Later on that evening I was telling Hubs about the outing when Jake began hollering from the next room. He had taken the URL his friend had written and actually looked it up on the Internet.

THIS is what he found.

Think they make crow jerky too?

So as Kait so nicely pointed out in the comments, this was entirely an April Fool's Day Joke. Some of it did actually happen, but some, not so much. Can you figure it out? is a real company, and they do have Sasquatch Jerky on their site. I can honestly say though that I've never tried it. Not sure if I want to!

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