Friday, April 03, 2009

Fabulicious Friday #38

After a hiatus, Fabulicious Friday is back! Here's what we found for this week:

1. Travel pick of the week: Sherpani Bags

I heart my Sherpani bag. Seriously. I bought this one awhile ago with the intention of saving it for road tripping, but I broke down and began using it early. Now I'm completely hooked. Why? Well there's lots of little pockets, for one. I have a spot for my cell phone, it includes a cute change purse (with a see through side!), and there's a place for everything. The cute design helps too, and I love the magnet that keeps the front flap shut instead of a snap. Nothing is flimsy about this bag, which was my pet peeve with every other bag I've ever owned. Usually they all fell apart or broke after a month, and I was really frustrated. With this one, it feels like it's good quality and looks great too! I love, love, LOVE it.

Check out the Sherpani site for lots of amazing bags in all shapes and sizes (even diaper bags and a baby carrier!).

2. Blogging pick of the week: Our Blog Templates

Like the new template? You can find lots of them at This baby was SO easy to download and install, and then load up a header and various widgets that I was done in no time at all. The colors and fonts are totally customizable without me having to change any html code! Easy! It saved me so much time and frustration. They have a huge selection and I highly recommend you go take a look if you are looking for a new template.

If you have technical difficulties downloading one (which was my problem at first), try clearing your cache multiple times, checking your settings, and if all else fails, try it from a different computer. For me, I had to use Jake's laptop to get it to work. I'm not sure why.

3. Jake's Pick of the Week: Jones Soda

Jake considers himself a soda connoisseur and shuns the typical brands of pop/soda, instead preferring the more specialty kinds. Jones is one of his favorites. One day he talked me into trying it, and wow-it's good! The orange cream flavor tastes like a yummy creamsicle. Mmm! Jake loves the "under the cap fortunes" and the fact that you can send Jones a photo and it could be printed on their labels. We don't have a lot of selection of flavors where we live, but his favorite is their Root beer.

4. Music Pick this Week: Defying Gravity by Keith Urban

I didn't realize that Keith Urban was working on a new CD, and I practically danced in my kitchen when I found out that it was just released on March 31st! Keith is by far my favorite artist at the moment and his CD has a permanent residence in my stereo (yes, I'm old fashioned and don't have an iPod. Horrors!).

The Escape Together World Tour is coming, and I was disappointed to notice that Vancouver, BC isn't on the list so I grabbed a widget to demand it! If you're from the area and would like to see Keith Urban in concert, make sure to click on it and let them know! You can grab your own widgets here and here.

In the meantime, I'll still be dancing in my kitchen.

5. Craft Pick of the Week: Felt Bunnies and Garden Play Mat

When Jake was little, I tried to give him things at Easter that he could play with and would last, rather then cheap plastic toys and candy. This looks like an easy and very cute craft project that could last for years and be fun to make! If you sew, you might even have the supplies right in your scrap basket.

The Cookie Jar is designing some cute crafty projects this weekend by recycling some snack sized Pringles cans, so be on the look out for those too! That post will be coming up soon so go eat some chips because you will want to do this with your kids!

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