Sunday, April 12, 2009

Explaining Easter

Yesterday we were shopping for groceries for Easter dinner, and suddenly, in the middle of the produce department, Jake was full of questions.

"Mom, Easter isn't that big of a deal. Why are there so many people here, buying turkeys and things? Who the heck would eat turkey? It's just Easter!"

"Actually Easter IS a big deal, for Christian people, " I explained as I picked over the tomatoes, "Let's see....Jesus was crucified on Good Friday..."

"Why do they call it Good Friday? He's nailed to a cross! It's obviously not good!"

"Wait, there's more," I wheeled the cart around a group of women gossiping by the oranges. "Um, let's see. So then three days later, after he's laid in a tomb with a big stone put in front of it, the stone is rolled away and he rises from the dead. That's Easter. There's more to it but I can't really explain it here, right this second."

Jake looks at me in horror.

"People celebrate that he rose from the dead, and returned to heaven.....WHAT?"

"Jesus is like a zombie?!?"

People are starting to look at us. I can see some of them smiling, probably thinking that I should be saving this conversation for home or something, and not right beside the potatoes in the grocery store. I ignore them and turn to Jake.

"Look, this is what Christian people believe. You need to respect their religion."

"Okay," Jake nods. He still looks confused.

We make our way out of produce, and just about make it to the cash register, when Jake suddenly pipes up,

"But the Easter bunny, where did that come from? Did Jesus eat rabbits or something?"

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