Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter, Teenager style

When Jake was little, I would scour the stores high and low to find perfect things for his Easter basket. We'd make crafts, dye eggs, and even throw parties. It was so much fun!

Now that he's older, the whole Easter thing has taken a different slant.

"Dying eggs? That's for little kids, Mom. How about eating them?"

To fill those exceedingly hollow legs, he'll polish off a half dozen deviled eggs when I'm not looking. Teenagers.

Over the years I tried to stay away from candy so much and have the Easter bunny bring things like toys, books, etc instead. This year I'm a bit stumped over what to buy, so I tried to broach the subject.

"So, um...Jake, what is something you'd like the Easter bunny to leave in your basket this year?"
"Oh, you mean you?" Jake chewed his dinner thoughtfully. "I don't know. Doesn't matter."

It took a few days but he finally came up with some Easter basket ideas.

"Well I'd really like some steel so I can do some welding, or tools would be great too."


"Ya, but I'd really like a blow torch. That would be fun."

I tried to picture a cute little Easter basket, full of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and a blow torch. Somehow I just couldn't get my brain around it.

Teenage boys are SO weird.

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