Monday, April 06, 2009

Crafting: A Bunny in my Garden

The sun was out, and after being sick all weekend I decided to venture out into the yard. Suddenly I heard a rustle, and as I peeked around the house, what did I find?

This bunny, obviously trying in vain to hide some early Easter eggs. She wasn't too thrilled to see me, but let me take her picture in exchange for a bit of carrot. I even convinced her to let me have an egg!

To make your own bunny you need:

-a snack sized Pringles chip can-empty and wiped clean
-white felt
-pink felt
-pink pom pom
-white pom pom
-white paper
-black buttons
-hot glue gun

1. Measure a strip of paper to cover the chip can. Ours was about 3 inches wide. We used paper first because the design on the can showed through the white felt. Glue the paper strip around the chip can.

2. Measure a strip of white felt to cover the chip can, and using a hot glue gun, glue over the paper.

3. Cut out ears, feet, and pink insides of the ears. Attach the pink parts to the white ears with hot glue. Let dry. Position the feet on the underside of the can where you want them, and attach with hot glue.

4. Position the ears where you want them. I attached them to the can lid with hot glue, and then added a bow.

5. Glue on eyes, a nose, and tail.

6. Fill the can with candy, seeds, coins, beads, whatever strikes your fancy!

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