Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are You a Watergeek?

About a week ago, I noticed a friend's water bottle in the lunch room at work. This water bottle wasn't just any old water bottle-it was so spiffy that I immediately asked about it. She proudly showed it off to me; a wide neck so you could put ice cubes in it, a smaller space for drinking, a tea strainer insert, and yes! It's insulated! Not just that but it's pretty! I would have bought a few, she said, had I really been thinking about it.

What she didn't know is that I've been looking for a good water bottle for ages. We go through so much water when we vacation through the desert, and I hate the thought of all that plastic ending up in a landfill. I'd recycle, but on the road we don't always have that option. Other stainless steel bottles that I've seen don't always look well made, and I've been hard pressed to find one I like. This one? Love.

When I got home that day I immediately googled the company and told them I was SO putting their water bottle in my Fabulicious Friday posts, and I've been coveting them from afar. Then I bookmarked the site with plans to eventually order one before we left for holidays.

Much to my surprise, last week THIS arrived in the mail, courtesy of the Watergeeks.

Mine! Mine! My very own to try, and review, and carry to the desert in the summer to keep me hydrated! Can I say that I was beyond thrilled? Beyond. Seriously. I jumped up and down and clapped my hands and squealed, even.

Anyway so I have been using my swanky new water bottle over the past few days. I love how I can add ice cubes to it, because of the wider mouth. I haven't tried tea in it yet, but I'm sure the removable strainer thing would come in handy and just having the option makes me want to drink tea, just to try it out. It has kept my water cold, is nice to look at, and so far has done a fantastic job. What I like is the bottle is spiffy to look at, but also is completely food-grade stainless steel inside, unlike some of the cheaper bottles out there that use aluminum. Also my water doesn't get any weird tastes to it, which happens with plastic.

Wait, there's more! Until June 30, 2009, Watergeeks is donating a minimum of 20% of the online retail price on six of their products, this one included, to Unicef's Award winning Tap Project. This amazing program helps provide clean drinking water and sanitation around the world. Wow-a great look, it's environmentally friendly, AND it actually does some good?

I'm so in. You should be too!

If you'd like your own water bottle, check out the Watergeeks Laboratories site. You will find not just stainless steel and BPA Free water bottles, but all natural personal care products, recycled totes, and more.

Now Jake is eying my water bottle, dropping hints that he wants one too.

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