Friday, March 06, 2009

Can't Stay Away. Sort of.

Over the past week I've tried to snag a rental jeep in Moab, Utah so that when we visit we can burn up the trails. It hasn't been easy. Hubs and I are a little picky-first, it has be a Jeep Rubicon, and secondly, it has to have a hard top.

If you have never been to "the devil's summer home" (thanks, Amber!), you must know that Moab is situated in desert canyons, where it gets upwards of 104 F in the summer. Which, you have likely figured out, means that if you want to go jeeping you a) leave really early in the morning and b) get one with a hard top and kick ass air conditioner.

Or you could just sit in a soft top jeep and literally get baked. Geez, I could save my $600 and just hike the trails, you know? After all, according to one guy, "Nobody in Moab rents jeeps with a hard top in July."

Did we find a jeep? Or will we be forced to shake and bake?

Find out HERE.

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