Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rerun, Updated (Or, I SO take that Fabulicious Friday thing Back)

So, remember when I wrote about my fabulous new Gosh eyeliner a few weeks back? How much I loved it?


The very first day used it, by noon my eyes became a little bit red and irritated. The kids at school all noticed, with some asking what I'd been smoking at lunch. (comedians, I tell you) The next day, I used it again, and it was a bit worse. Stupidly, I never figured out that maybe the eyeliner was the problem and instead, thought I'd picked up some weird eye virus or something.

I know. Duh.

Four days later I was beginning to think that poking my eyes with sharp objects might be preferable, because MAN. It not good. My eyes were bright red, painful, burning, and at night I could hardly see. Not just that but eventually I ended up with a killer migraine, my ears were plugged, and everything was swollen and tender. Ouch! The doc thought it was a bacterial infection, because while I did go see him, I forgot to mention the eyeliner. Besides, over the course of the week I had stopped wearing any make-up, especially eyeliner.

Yesterday, I pulled out my pretty purple eyeliner and decided to use it.


Note the following equation:

Past use of eyeliner and eye irritation + more recent use from stupidity =

Reaction from the very bowels of HELL, which includes intensely burning, painful, bloodshot eyes that produce copious amounts of strange chunky goop that when it's not cementing your lashes together, it makes it hard to see.

All within a lovely 4 hours, even.

As I'm writing now, it's been over 24 hours and copious amounts of antihistamines later. My eyes are somewhat better, but bad enough that when I ran into a co-worker they gasped and said I looked horrible. I'm not sure what it is in the eyeliner that made me react, but upon a little investigating I noticed that some Gosh eyeliners, especially the purple shades, contain carmine. A coloring agent made from the ground up carcasses of beetles, carmine has been known to cause allergic reactions in people and the FDA has ruled that manufacturers using it must declare so on their labels.

I can't tell you for sure if that is what I reacted to, but in the specific eyeliner that I bought, carmine is listed in the top 5 ingredients.

So a word of caution: If you are prone to allergies, or you have a problem with ground up beetles being in your make-up, you probably want to read your labels. Fortunately Gosh does have the ingredients listed right on their products so it's easy to check.

Have you ever had a bad make-up reaction?

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