Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pagodas and Lanterns: Chinese New Year part 2

Last week between my oh-so-lovely encounter with eyeliner, Hubs being away for a couple of days enjoying the city, and Jake coming down with a God-awful virus, I didn't get back here to tell you the rest of the story about our time in China Town. It's a little hard to type when you can't see but thankfully my eyes are on the mend, and so here we go!

While in China Town we popped into the Sun Yet Sen Gardens Chinese Garden to take a look. As we wandered through the halls, sipping tea, admiring the woodwork and looking at the pagodas, we had the chance to watch a woman paint some Chinese calligraphy, play a fortune telling game, and listen to some great music. Silk Road was playing in the courtyard and, despite the rain, the place was packed!

Jake loved the gardens. I think it might be better in the spring, when the blossoms and leaves are all budding.

As we watched the parade, we suddenly saw a huge crowd of media people. There were camera crews, reporters, and photographers, all running around like bees, snapping pictures and trying to get a perfect shot.

"That," I pointed out to Jake, "Is like paparazzi." I didn't even think to see who it actually was that they were so excited over. Jake excitedly strained to see, and then sighed and shrugged.

"Oh, it's nobody exciting, " Jake sighed. "just Gordon Campbell."


When we were finished poking around in the shops and markets in China Town, we took the sky train to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Lunar Fest display. As we exited the sky train at Granville station and took a very long, steep escalator, Jake began to get nervous.

"Don't look back," was my advice. He didn't listen (what teen does?) and as he turned, his face blanched while his fingers gripped the bar in panic.

"This. Is. SOOO. Freaky!"

Note to self: If we ever go to New York, warn him about the subways, which I'm sure are FAR worse then Vancouver's sky train.

School children had painted hundreds of lanterns that were on display out on the front lawn.

Jake even got to paint one of his own!

There were also drums set up-the idea is that you beat on each drum six times, while you whisper your wish to yourself. Jake wouldn't tell me what his wish was, but I'm guessing it was to find somewhere warm and dry because people, we were FROZEN.

Oh, but it was SO worth it.

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