Sunday, January 04, 2009

Road Trip Ahead! ~ Updated

January is typically the time where Hubs and I start gearing up for our annual summer road trip. We figure out our route, I do research, pick our hotels, and narrow down attractions.

This year's agenda looks exciting!

Not just that, I'm in the process of updating The Road Trip files! I found an amazing new layout that I'm putting together, plus, there will be more stories, reviews, links, and of course, pictures!

This year readers will get to follow along Road Trip 2009 all the way from the planning stages to the trip itself! Stay tuned and I'll let you know when everything is up and running.

(Edited to add: after hours of tweaking html codes, the new template up and running! I'm quite excited-it was a challenge to put together, but totally worth it. A few links aren't operational yet but will be by the end of the day. Keep an eye out for all the new content coming your way!)

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