Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grace in Small Things

This challenge started over at Schmutzie, but I was intrigued by reading about it at Breadcrumbs in the Butter. The challenge? Post something every day about the small but amazing things in life.

Six years ago when Hubs almost died, lost his job, we sold our house, and I became injured at work, it felt like nothing was going right. We joked that fate took those marriage vows seriously because really? We covered every single base from sickness and health to rich and poor, and for better or worse. Especially the worse. The only way things could get worse would've been if the house burned down.

Except then there would've been insurance money, and that would've been a good thing.

In those days, I remember driving to work singing Shania Twain's "Up" because truly, like the lyrics, things could've ONLY gone up from there. What got me through those times was the faith (however thin, but we clung to it) that things would work out, and focusing on those tiny positive things. In the end the clouds cleared and things got better, but we haven't forgotten what it was like to be in that place when you literally are searching for just one small thing to hold onto, dammit.

So many families right now are facing many of the very same hurdles that we did then, and this seems like a fantastic way to really focus on what's important. So who's with me?

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