Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulicious Friday #35

In the last week these products have made their way into my grocery cart....

1. Break out the Marshmallows: Malcolm's Hot Chocolate

Jake came home from a friend's house the other day, raving about this hot chocolate and on grocery day, bugged me relentlessly until I finally caved and bought it.

"Mom, it's the best hot chocolate EVER," he insisted.

Yesterday I tried a packet of the "light" version with some 1% milk. Light? Really? I checked the packet twice. My drink didn't have that watery, fake chocolate "light" taste at all. In fact, it was the creamiest, most chocolatey hot chocolate I'd ever had.

Mmmm........YUM-O. They are even Canadian!

Click on over the Malcoms for a FREE sample to try them out for yourself-chocolate orange, chocolate mint, dark or milk chocolate, and light.

2. Pretty Color that Stays Put: Gosh Velvet Touch Eye liner

I like eyeliner but I really hate it when the stuff rubs off, coating the area under your eye and leaving you looking tired and haggard at the end of the day. Drives me crazy! With a little shopping around, I found Gosh cosmetics. The girl at the cosmetic counter told me that it was new but "selling like crazy" and suggested I give it a try.

Wow! Beautiful color, nice and smooth application, and it actually stays put! The first eyeliner I've had that does that! I am absolutely sold and would love to try more products. Check out their website where you can shop online in the USA or check out what they have to offer.

3. Best Salsa I've Ever Eaten: Newman's Own Black Bean and Corn Salsa
I have never really been crazy about store bought salsa. To me, it always seemed sort of "fake" tasting. Never really fresh, sort of watery, and just blah.

Then I tried Newman's Own. OH. MY. The Black Bean and Corn is just amazing-smoky with a bit of chipolte pepper in it, delicious when added to burritos, and not too hot. Jake and I kept sneaking back to the cupboard for "just one more chip!" to have with "just one more bit of salsa!"

I will never buy any other brand of salsa again. The yum factor of this wins, hands down.

Visit the Newman's Own site and check out their recipes, plus get some coupons for some products! I can hardly wait to try some of the other flavors!

4. Snack Attack: President's Choice Tandoori BBQ Chips

I'm not really a chip eater, but these are yummy! Jake went wild for the spicy flavor.
"Mom, the more you eat, the hotter they get, but you can't STOP!" Thick and crunchy with lots of flavor, these can really stand up to other name brand offerings. I agree with a reviewer on the link provided, they would probably be amazing paired with cool, cucumber dip.

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