Friday, January 09, 2009


-I'd like to think that I'm a morning person, but 4AM really is a torturous hour to be getting up. Jake got to go on a ski trip to some swanky resort today, and so I tried not to be jealous. Instead I bade him goodbye and came home where I nursed a coffee and now I gotta go to work.

Being an adult really sucks some days. And yes, I'm TIRED.

-Road Trip Files is up and running, with new content coming! We have narrowed down the destinations for Road Trip 2009, and I have put out a call to all of YOU to lend me your wisdom. Please? Hey while you're at it, if you want info on anything travel for USA/Canada let me know and I'll hunt it down for you.

-So far I'm doing good with the Shopping Embargo. All the way back home from the ferry I tried to talk myself out of stopping for a $5 muffin and coffee at my favorite bakery. I almost did it, but caved as I got closer, only to find it was closed. That'll teach me, huh?

I really wanted that muffin. All brown sugary on top, with raspberries and oatmeal....mmmm.

-Hey I have a giveaway happening this week coming up-the prize? A $20 Fandango gift certificate. Keep an eye out for that one!

-I've decided that Twitter is evil. It's addictive! Every few minutes I'm hitting refresh, checking and re-checking, counting my followers, etc. And you thought Facebook was bad. Hooo boy, they got nothing on Twitter in this house.

-Fridays are the best. There. I'm done. Okay almost, Fabulicious Friday is coming up this afternoon, with details about the giveaway! Ooo!

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