Thursday, February 05, 2009

365 Days Of Grace #7

1. I have a job. Not even just a job that pays the bills, but a job that I really, truly love and look forward to going to every single morning.

2. Dishwashers. Mostly because I hate doing dishes! I can't even imagine not having one. There's something about the hum of the dishwasher that makes me feel productive. Add in the washer and hey, it's downright domestic!

3. There's a guy that stands outside the entrance to the mall and plays his guitar every day. He's well dressed, clean cut, friendly, and has a beautiful voice. When I go to the mall and he's not there, I actually miss his music.

4. Sharing a pot of tea with Jake after dinner and talking about our day.

5. Knowing that after a few days away on a business trip, Hubs will be home tonight. It's too quiet around here without him!

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