Tuesday, January 27, 2009

365 Days of Grace: #5

1. Family Day Sundays. Hubs and I started them as our own day to be together when we were first married, and now 16 years later, they continue.

2. Sitting side by side in the computer room with Hubs, playing Solitaire and chatting. We tease each other about who's winning, losing, and cheating. Hubs swears the computer hates him. I think it also drives him crazy that I, the one who never played cards as a kid and am horrible at math, almost always beats him.

3. Jake's friend's parents who so readily invite him to come over, join them at the movies, and take him with them when they go out. I'm not sure they know just how much we appreciate them, but it's so nice to have people who welcome him into their home like they do.

4. Having the chance to learn grade 9 Chemistry all over again at work. Sure, I complain that my brain hurts but the truth is, I love doing something that makes me think.

5. Funky socks. Plain white is good with runners, but I love a colorful set of socks.

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