Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Newsletter*

Dear Friends and Family Who Live So Far Away,

I would think that by now, most of you would know that I am the lamest person on the planet when it comes to actually putting Christmas cards in the mail. I mean really, your card is here-sitting in it's box, neatly addressed and ready to go. Some have stamps, even. Usually they sit for a year or two before I actually pick them up and wonder if I could still send them anyway. I have some type of mailbox avoidance which to date I have not been able to receive help for.

Still, you continue to send your greetings and well wishes, which you should know I really appreciate. I read them, display the cards, and resolve that in the New Year, dammit, I WILL send you a card.

It will probably arrive in April or something.

2008 was a good year, really. Jake finally became a teenager, and grew almost taller then I am. It took a little adjusting, but we finally got used to the idea of having a kid that ate enough to feed a small country and who sleeps for extended periods. While we are okay with the idea of him growing up, the universe doesn't seem to be since some people predict that the world will end on his 17th birthday.

I don't particularly think that's fair. I mean geez, universe, can't you end when he's like, 30 or something? At least give me a little time to experience marriage without children for awhile. Why take me right to the edge, let me see the finish line when he's in grade twelve no less, and then snatch it away?

Stupid universe.

Anyway, with having a kid in high school some people worry about their impressionable young people being exposed to the world of drugs. Fortunately, the public library was only too willing to take that on instead of Jake's friends. He also developed a fear of hospital stitches (why I have no idea. I mean really) and I haven't been able to convince him of the importance of a clean room, but we can't have everything.

My 2008 became the "Year of Fire", since my workplaces caught fire not just once, but four times, my computer took up smoking, Jake became interested in pyrotechnics, and a houseplant was set ablaze. The upside is that I'm now really good at leaving buildings quickly and I got a great new computer out of the deal. I wonder if I can find a portable fire extinguisher to carry around with me.

2008 also meant our annual road trip took us farther then ever before; 9200 kms to be exact, while we contemplated the importance of having a will. Jake sure agreed with that decision after he injested something he saw on TV and thought was cool. I'm sure he won't be making that mistake again.

It was a good year, really.

Apparently, there's only 4 more to go.

*This post was inspired by this one over at Looky Daddy, which is much funnier then mine.

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