Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Crackers: A How To

You can buy ready made Christmas/New Year's crackers in the store, but they can be a bit expensive. Plus, what's really inside them anyway? Why not make your own? You'll notice that I didn't bother with the snap things, because I don't really think they are that important anyway.

First, gather up some supplies. You'll need:

-paper. You can go as frugal or as expensive as you want here, with everything from scrapbooking paper to something you let your kids decorate, or tissue. I used two different kinds of dollar store tissue.
-ribbon, twine, etc. Same thing. Whatever you have around the house to tie
-toilet paper rolls
-stuff to put inside the cracker...chocolates, lottery tickets, lip gloss, plastic animals, noise makers, Christmas ornaments, whatever you like. Again-as frugal or as expensive as you like. We keep it to tiny, fun stuff.
-stickers, glitter, other embellishments should you want to decorate them further

Cut your paper. You want it to be longer then your toilet paper roll so that it looks nice when you tie the ends. I think I left about 3 inches or so. In the picture it's more, because once I started I realized my paper was too big. Cutting the paper on the ends with some fancy scissors would look good. If you use two different papers, making one longer then the other also adds a nice look.

Position the toilet paper roll at one end, and tape. You can see that I had put chocolates inside the tube at this point. Don't bother, they just fall right out and become a pain!

When your tube is rolled up, tape it again. Then tie one end off with some pretty ribbon. You want to tie it about an inch or so away from the end of the tube so that the paper has a bit of room. NOW stuff the tube. Tie the other end shut.

Place them on your dinner setting to be opened by your guests!

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