Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Jake is taking textiles in school this term, while they rotate all the grade eights through various electives like woodworking, computers, and the like. You can't imagine how much I viewed this with trepidation at first, because Jake + textiles didn't seem like an equation that would yield a positive result. There's a lot of motor coordination involved, and with Jake that means something might be doable and fun (like riding a bike or taking apart his Dad's car) or frustration and tear producing (like ice skating or printing).

I've learned that with dyspraxia, you can't assume anything because unfortunately, it will pop up in the unlikeliest of places, such as music class or in Socials when the class is mapping Europe. There have been times where I even assumed that Jake would find something hard (like calligraphy, hello?) but to my surprise Jake not only found it fun, but was amazingly good at it.

So I bought him some adapted materials to use-larger pins with knobby ends, an easier to grip stitch ripper, and waited, hoping that Textiles would be one of those courses. You know what I mean, right? The one that he finds isn't so bad and kind of likes. The other boys this age all roll their eyes and remind us of their narrow view that sewing is for girls or gay men, but that doesn't faze Jake. He's always had interests that other kids find weird so that's nothing new anyway.

First assignment: Sock Monkeys

In fact, sock monkeys that are so full of amazing cuteness that I had to steal ask the teacher for the instructions so I could make one. Then, being the crazy ambitious girl that I am, I crocheted my monkey a toque and scarf.

Sock monkeys so cute that I stayed up until 1 am on a Saturday night making it. Oy!

What do ya think? If you'd like directions, these ones are good.

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