Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jake's Christmas List

Jake has always had interests that are far different from his peers. While most of the grade eights that attend his school are probably eying things like cell phones, game systems, or other electronic gadgetry, Jake is dreaming of something completely different.

Well-and besides the fact that we are mean parents and say that he's not allowed to have a phone until he has a job, and he'll have to buy his own game system because we aren't going to. I figure he has lots of time to get sucked into technology world, for now an Mp3 and a laptop are more then enough.

So what's on his list?

-Books, books and more books!

A kid at school scathingly told me that "3/4 of teens just don't read.", and Jake often gets the old "Only nerds read" line, but that doesn't stop him-and I am SO glad. He adores books and would specifically love:
-Ink Death
-Dragon Moon
-Evil Star
-The Wizard Heir


What kid doesn't like candy? Jake doesn't really go for the cheap stuff, but instead the really good quality stuff that he rarely gets any other time of year.

-Purdy's Turkish delight
-Jelly Bellies (hard to find here!)
-Terry's Dark Chocolate orange, Tolberone, or even Ferrero Rocher

-Asian Art supplies

After an Ancient China unit at school, Jake has been crazy about all things Asian and his love for making things would be satisfied with:

-rice paper
-grinding stone and inks
-sealing wax and stamp
-bamboo brushes
-a nice sketch book


I can't tell you just how excited I am that I'm not scouring the Internet this Christmas trying to find chemistry equipment. Tools are so much easier and most of this stuff can be found at Home Depot.

-a welding kit (he's taking metal shop in school and has gotten really excited about all things welding)
-welder's gloves
-various welding supplies that Hubs knows about that I can't even explain or remember
-a bastard file
-a jigsaw
-good glue gun
-various odds and ends of tools...saws, specialty hammers and chisels, that sort of thing.

There's lots more odds and ends-Jake is a pretty easy to please kid. What's on your kid's Christmas list?

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