Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Advent Day 8 and 9: Wrap it Up

Looking for a great teacher's gift? Let me tell you from experience; teachers love food. I think it's because this time of year is so busy for them that they just don't have time to bake for themselves, and to have a tin full of cookies just makes things so much easier!

This year I went with jam. I had given jam to many of my co-workers last year, and the reviews were so good that I thought I'd do it again!

I've challenged myself this year not only to keep it small, but keep it simple and hopefully green too. Which means the following:

-don't buy ribbon or bows, unless the ribbon is something that can be re-used
-use the wrapping paper we have on hand
-use fabric bags or creative ways to wrap things
-if it can be made from something on hand, then don't buy it (the fabric to top the jars was scavenged from an old costume of Jake's)

So far, no wrapping paper yet! I wonder if we can keep that up?

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