Friday, December 05, 2008

Family Advent Day 5: The One Where Something Explodes

Don't worry, it's not a turkey, or me getting frustrated with gingerbread houses again.

When you have a kid who has an intense love for all things science-like, you find yourself doing weird and wonderful science experiments. Jake's current love is chemistry and things that explode. On Halloween he made some home made fireworks, and last night he created some little rocket thing that we have decided to set off (in a wide open space).

I'd have pictures, but it fizzled. Literally. After three attempts at lighting the fuse and having each one go out, Jake just set the whole thing on fire and even then, nothing happened.

"Well that was lame."

"Aw Jake, just remember that Benjamin Franklin had something like 2000 failures before he got a light bulb to work...."

"Yep. This was failure 1. Just 1, 999 to go."

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