Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Advent Day 13: Shopee Shopee!

I have a bunch of days to catch up with you! Our week has actually been pretty low key, due to lots of high school homework and things like MSN and the Internet (that's Jake, not me).

"Mom. I don't want to do that. I'm chatting." (cue teenage eyeroll)

I never thought teenagers would be so hard to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Anyway, today we made haste to the big ci-tay to pick up some WAY cool Christmas gifts that I won't be mentioning because said teenager is probably reading my blog.

Jake. That's so uncool to read your mother's blog. Like, go Twitter or something, m-kay? And for the love of God, stop stealing the mini peanut butter cups from my baking cupboard or I won't be able to make those cookies for your teachers!

Anyway, it was a day spent getting necessary Christmas-like things, and the boy scored himself a brand new, fine looking (or is that ill? sick? Whatever teen-speak for really nice) jacket to take on that super fun ski day he's going on in January at Whistler. Yes, that Whistler. The one where the 2010 Olympics will be and where they just opened that peak-to-peak gondola ride.

I'm so jealous.

Now onto Christmas wrapping and baking up some cookies before I have a mutiny on my hands.

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