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Fabulicious Friday #33 ~ Fabuliciousness in Review

Back in March I started posting Fabulicious Friday, which was sort of inspired by Rude Cactus's "Weeklies", and my desire to do something that featured local happenings as well as products that I had tried and would recommend to my best friend. For me there's something about getting a recommendation first hand, rather then through some advertising, that makes me buy stuff.

I had no idea that Fabulicious Friday would turn out to be some of the hottest posts in the Cookie Jar!

Now it's the end of 2008, and I've put together a nice long list of Fabuliciousness-with everything from our favorite Christmas gifts to movies soon to be released, places to go, things to do, stuff to see. Some things bear repeating because they have truly made us converts in this house, and so they again make the cut. I know it's not technically Friday, but we'll pretend, m'kay?

Christmas gifties that we love, love, love:

- Crockpot Little Dipper: Jake gave me this little gem for Christmas. Perfect for making my Bailey's chocolate fondue, this cute tiny crock pot keeps dips and fondues warm without having to use a candle underneath. I hated the candle idea, because Jake won't leave them alone!

Long and Lean Indigo dyed jeans from the Gap: Like most people, I have a hard time getting jeans to fit but these babies have won me over. My Gap jeans are my favorite and even though they are a bit spendy at $80 a pop, I fork over the cash because they fit well and last long. My last pair is only just starting to fall apart, and they are about 5 years old.

- Tom Tom GPS Navigation System: Do you get lost trying to find your way out of your driveway? Program in your destination and the Tom Tom will guide you, turn by turn. It's perfect for people like me who are directionally challenged. There are so many options with these babies too, from downloading famous voices to lots of maps, and programming it find specific hotels or restaurants. Love it! T and J gave this to us for Christmas, and we had a blast playing with it on the way home.

-Flex Neck Book Light: this is truly the coolest little book light I've ever seen. It's tiny size and bright light makes it perfect for travel, and the flexible neck allows you to direct the light anywhere you want. Jake used his to read in the car on our way to Calgary, and declared it the best book light ever. Why? "It's undetectable," he replied. "You can see my other light when I'm reading in bed at night and you tell me to shut it off. This way I can read all I want." Oh. Okay....

Beautify Me:

- Philosophy bath products: Thick, rich, and full of suds, this stuff is an amazing body wash. There's all sorts of scents to choose from, ranging from Pumpkin Pie to Caramel Apple. Yum! I got some for Christmas and I love, love, love it.

-Arbonne Aromassentials: a co-worker of mine gave me this hand cream, and I love it. Lightly scented with citrus, it really helped my hands when we were in the cold mountain air of Calgary over Christmas. Plus it smells really good! Now I have to find where she got it so I can buy a bigger bottle because I'm sure to use it all.

-Revlon's Colorstay Eyeshadow: I really hate eyeshadow that wears off quickly and leaves you naked, but this stuff stays on, blends well, and looks great! I use it every day.


- Star Wars Lego: The Complete Saga : Sort of a mix between Mario and Star Wars, this game completely captivated Jake and I though out the Christmas holidays. If you are a Star Wars fan, this is for you! We especially loved how everything was made of Lego-we could've sat and played this thing for days, people. The best part was that we had to work together to get through the levels, so we weren't playing just for ourselves, but coaching each other.

-Race to Witch Mountain: Remember the old Disney movies Escape to Witch Mountain and Return from Witch Mountain? I was a huge fan of both of these back when I was a kid, and now there's a new movie coming out in March! Jake and I watched the trailer today and we're both SO excited!

Inkheart: Jake is practically beside himself with excitement over this movie coming out January 23rd-and despite the fact that he doesn't even like movie theaters, he's already asking to go. The final book in the triology came out around October, and when presented with a copy for his birthday he gushed that I was "the best Mom in the world". There's also a new movie website up! According to ImDb, Brendan Fraser was Cornelia Funke's personal choice for the role of Silvertongue. Great choice, Cornelia!

Coraline: Hotly anticipated by the fans of "The Nightmare Before Christmas", this movie looks like it will be lots of fun. The website is very cool, with a place for you to even see what you'd look like with button eyes and add it to your blog or Facebook profile. The amazing thing about this movie is that everything was handmade, and you can just see the colossal amount of work that must have been. There's also a free download of the pattern for Coraline's star sweater, and much more. Make sure to really click around in the website to find all the hidden things in it.

Places to go, things to see:

-Opus Art Store: I didn't have time to really look around this place much, but they had such amazing Asian art supplies that Jake was a very happy camper on Christmas morning. They also aren't too expensive, and I won't be visiting the big box places again for my art supplies. The next time we visit the city we'll be sure to pay a visit!

-Kobe's Restaurant: This is Jake's pick for best place to eat in Vancouver. He went on a field trip with his grade 7 class, and said it was the most amazing experience ever. You don't just get fantastic food, but a show too!

-Chapters/Indigo: What, you say? Why would you pick a big box chain store? I love Chapters. I love all the books, the massive selection, and the fact that there's a Starbucks inside them. In fact I love them so much that I even joined their rewards program. I also love their website because if you are looking for a book you can put it on your wish list and then check to see if stores in your area have it in stock. How neat is that?

-Hampton Hotels: We had the most amazing hotels this year on our road trip, and Hamptons were the top of the list. I can't say enough about how consistent, clean, and just relaxing these places were. When we're planning next year's road trip, this is the hotel chain we'll look at first!

-Big Al's Aquarium store in Calgary, Alberta: On Boxing Day T and J took us here and while we don't even own an aquarium, we spent forever gazing in the tanks at the massive array of salt and freshwater fish! It's amazing! Being a former scuba diver, it was very cool to be able to show Jake first hand what coral, clown fish, and feather tub worms look like.

Recaps because we love them so much:

-Moody Bee Lip balm: I took my stepdaughter some for her Christmas stocking, and her boyfriend kept threatening to steal it because he liked it too! I never go anywhere without this in my purse because I love it.

-Tide 2 Go: This is something else that never leaves my purse. Awesome for little spills throughout the day and the best thing ever on a road trip because let's face it-you will be in the car and dump something on the only pair of shorts you have left for the trip. This stuff really works, and we love it.

-Rocky Mountain Soap Company: This place nabbed us back in May when we happened to stumble into the store on South Granville St., Vancouver. I never thought I'd be a convert to $5 bars of soap, but I am.

On the "To Do" List for 2009

-we finally have a bike rack, so Jake and I plan to take our bikes to Stanley Park and spend a day cycling the Sea Wall.

-visit the Rocky Mountain Soap Company and load up on more soap!

-Road Trip 2009 is currently being mapped out. So far we have plans to spend more time in Salt Lake city and visit various attractions there, as well as more 4x4ing in Moab, and then off to the Black Hills of South Dakota again to do some of the things we missed last time. Can't wait!

-finally crochet an blanket, already.

-take Jake to the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, BC

-if Carrie Underwood decides to come to Vancouver (please?), Hubs and I want to see her in concert!

That's all, folks. I'm sure we'll find many more over the course of 2009.

Wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us here in the Cookie Jar!

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