Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 3 Family Advent: In Which Plans are Derailed

So while yesterday Advent plans appeared to be in danger of being derailed, today it all went to a whole new level!

1. Jake felt really bad this morning and even though he gamely attempted to attend school, he found me 15 minutes later and announced that he really, really needed to go home.

2.I forgot my lunch so I bought the cafeteria's butter chicken. Ever do that and all you can think about is how your butter chicken is so much better? Even the sick kid got rosemary garlic prawns and pasta for lunch.

3. So I got home to find him feeling much better and being the mean and cruel Mom that I am, I made him do homework because has two LATE assignments!

4. I made an appointment for an oil change/shopping trip in the city, then realize that it's on the same day as Jake's birthday party.

5. So I then convinced Jake that a birthday party AFTER Christmas is so much better because we can hit Boxing Day sales for his presents. I attempted to even stretch it to February to co-incide with his love for all things Asian and Chinese New Year. No go.

6. Hubs calls from the city when I'm RIGHT in the middle of making dinner to say, "I've been to Home Depot and found my Christmas present. Phone them and order X please, like, right now."

7. I ask, "Why didn't you just order it when you were THERE?"

No answer.

8. Trying to order something by phone from the Home Depot is like trying to make a teenager get up in the morning. If it wasn't for their phone that kept cutting out, I may have been able to give them my Visa number, address and phone number a LOT easier.

See the irony? Home improvement store and the phone doesn't work? Jake found me sitting on the floor with the phone scarfing down gingerbread cookies while I was on hold for what felt like forever. It was probably more like 15 minutes.

9. Next I posted an online plea to co-workers to pick up Hub's gift and bring it home, since it won't fit in my car. I even offer money. I'm gonna be SO broke this January.....

10. Last, I sat with Jake and sewed sock monkeys in front of the TV while he chatted with friends on the computer. Well, we're together, full, and the house is warm. That's advent enough for me.

Maybe I'll sneak us a few peanut butter cups just in case.

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