Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cookie Crumbs: Tire Envy

Hubs: "No. You can't."

Scattered: "Please?????"

Hubs: "NO. That would be embarrassing!"

Scattered: "But it's so tempting! I can hardly stand it!"

Hubs: "Don't gloat. This is the first year we've done this, so technically if we hadn't been going to Calgary for Christmas we would've been just like them. NO!"

Scattered: "Aw come on, you're no fun...."

Hubs: "I don't care! You may not yell, "neener neener we have snow tires and you don't" out the window at the cars sliding around on the roads!"

Scattered: "Fine. But you can't stop me from thinking it."


Scattered (shows wedding ring finger to Hubs): "Look, I have some weird rash. It's all itchy and red right under my ring."

Hubs: "Maybe it's eczema? Have you tried cream on it?"

Scattered: "I've tried everything and it's not going away."

Hubs: "Maybe it's just dry skin."

Scattered: "Maybe I'm allergic to something. Marriage, perhaps?"

Hubs: "And it took you 16 years to figure that out?"

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