Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Made Easy: Crochet a Scarf

I've always loved handmade scarves. It's something about the bright colors next to my neutral colored jacket, or that they are soft and warm. At any rate, last year I discovered crocheting and decided to make some scarves this year for Christmas gifts. They even make a fantastic last minute gift because if you can crochet in front of the TV, you can have a scarf completely finished in about two evenings, at most.

I don't really use a pattern. In fact, I made up my own. It goes like this:

Chain stitch 175. It really depends on your wool-for wool that is chunky and the label says to use a 6 mm needle, I chain 165. For a lighter wool that you're using a 5-5.5 mm needle, I've gone with 175.

At the end make an extra chain and the turn over and single crochet all the way back to the other end. Do this twice.

When you've finished your 2x single crochet, then on the next row you double crochet. Do this twice.

In a nutshell? chain, single crochet x2, double crochet x2, single crochet x2, double crochet x2 and keep going until you feel your scarf is wide enough.

That's it! Easy! To learn how to crochet, there are good directions on this site. Feeling ambitious? Here's some more crochet projects.

Isn't this pincushion cute? Photo by Fern R.

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