Friday, November 21, 2008

What? It's the End of November Already?

I've been struggling a bit to keep up with blogging, mostly because real life has been taking over. Maybe that's a good thing, but in the end I have to sneak away and try to find some time in here between the laundry, cookie baking, work, and social studies projects. My brain, by the time I do sit down at the computer, is saying...


Just like yesterday when I was sitting in a class at work and trying so hard not to nod off because oh my gosh...if you think it's mortifying to nod off when you are 14 and in English class, try it when you are in your thirties. Not just that but the knowledge that you do indeed snore would be enough to keep you from closing your eyes.

Plus those evil little minions would never let you forget the time that you fell asleep in class, because they would take pictures on their cool little cell phones and then post it on Facebook. Drool and all, baby.

Quick bullety news:

-Jake finished his first term in high school. When I was handed his report card this week my response was, "Holy crap! Are you sure this is my kid?!?" He just (and I do mean just) missed the honor roll. There was dancing round the house, high fives, and a sushi lunch the next day to celebrate.

-Speaking of sushi, Jake has suddenly become interested in all things Asian thanks to the most awesome socials teacher in the universe. Hence the sushi. I now am going to have to think all things Asian for the next six months as Jake sucks up every scrap of cool info like the sponge that he is. (and then follows me around babbling about it) You won't believe the boy's Christmas list.

-His birthday party is in a few weeks. He wants to invite his two bestest friends over and cook Chinese food. Not quite sure how that will go, but we're still keeping with the Asian theme. Ideas? SEND ME SOME. I'm begging!

-Christmas is looming and I have hardly gotten used to the fact that it's November.

-And where the hell did October go?!?

-Already, other blogs are talking Christmas and this one issued a challenge, which I reluctantly accepted. (sort of like Nablopomo, which I screwed up on the first day. Who the heck screws up the first DAY?) I have good intentions, but really, who are we kidding?

I'll probably have pictures of me sleeping. Hopefully not in English class.

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