Friday, November 28, 2008

Fabulicious Friday #32

1. Writer envy: I met Richard Van Camp

Today I was lucky enough to attend a reading by Richard Van Camp, who has written the children's book "What's the Most Beautiful Thing About Horses?", among other works. We were treated to a fantastic video of his most recent book, and a bit of his own background history.

Big question of the day..."So who here likes to write? Who wants to get published?"

Seriously, it was all I could do not to leap out of my chair and yell, "Me, me, pick MEEEEEEE!!" There's a story, you see, rattling around in my head. This story has been there awhile; growing, changing, evolving. I'm not sure how other writers work, but I actually see the story, page by page, in my brain. I can tell you what the pictures would look like, the words would say, everything right down to the last detail. All I have to do is write the whole thing down but somehow, life has gotten in the way. That and the fact that I sometimes wonder....I mean, I have no training as a writer. I have no degrees, I teach no classes, I'm just a Mom that has had an incredible passion for books since she was three years old. Me? A writer? It all just seems a bit weird.

That is, until today. I signed out a copy of Richard's book "The Lesser Blessed", made him a friend on Facebook and resolved that this weekend I am going to write down that story.

2. Get your tickets they are going fast: Breakfast with Santa

I have never actually gone to this event, but it looks amazing. There is no way, unless we were up at 4 am and took the first ferry outta here that we'd actually make it, and Jake isn't that into Santa anyway. Being a typical teen, he'd go for the food. If he were small, you can bet that I'd be there with bells on! December 14 is already sold out, so if you want to take the kids you'd better register quick!

Speaking of Canada Place, there's also a nightly light show on the sails from 6-10 pm, Dec 6-31 that you can view from Stanley Park. Ooo! What fun! You could ride the Stanley Park train, get some hot chocolate, drive around the park, and stop to watch the lights on the sails.

Wait, that's not all! On Dec 20 at 10 am there is a special showing of The Nutcracker at the IMAX, with tickets being a really cheap $5 each with all the proceeds going to charity. Order your tickets online and go here for all the details on the holidays at Canada Place.

3. Need Christmas ideas? Check out Canadian Living's "Countdown to the Holidays"

My favorite magazine has an online calendar that you can scroll over and get ideas for crafts, gifts, food, and more! New things are added every day, and there's even prizes!

4. Environmentally Friendly-ism: Fabric gift bags

If there's one thing I've always hated about the holidays, it's that giant bag of gift wrap left over. How about investing some time and money into making gift bags to put presents in instead? Try whipping up a few of these gift bags that can be used year after year and make a wonderful addition to the gift!

5. Christmas craft: Scented Sachets

These would be a fantastic add-on for a nice gift and could easily double as a tag, too! No sewing required!

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