Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fabulicious Friday #30

1. Making a Christmas present? Try Paton's Soy Wool

Okay I'm first to admit that I'm not anywhere near qualified, nor experienced enough to really judge quality wool but OH.MY. I bought this stuff in the Natural Navy shade, and proceeded to crochet up a scarf. The result? I have an incredibly beautiful, warm, soft scarf that I so want to keep for myself but can't. I must make another one.

2. Like something funky for the kids? Check out Delux Knitwear hats and mittens

As Jake and I killed time in Nanaimo's Departure Bay Quay, we discovered these amazing hats and mittens. DeLux makes things for adults too, but I have to say that I was seriously bummed that Jake is way too big for these super cute and funky creations that appear to be excellent quality and worth the splurge.

It took a lot of digging online, but I found this online store that offers them . Here, check them all out. I love the owl and the evil sock monkey hats, but my hands down favorite is Frazzle.

You can even buy matching mittens! What a great idea for a Christmas gift.

3. Christmas shopping? Rocky Mountain Soap Company has some great deals!

Ever since Jake and I visited the Rocky Mountain Soap Company in May, we've been huge fans. For the holidays, the company is offering some great gift sets! Plus those little soaps and things make fantastic stocking stuffers. They are definitely on MY Christmas list.

4. Contest Alert! Win two magazine gift subscriptions!

I just found this site and couldn't help but pass this along. What a sweet deal! You enter and choose a magazine subscription for yourself, then one for you to pass along to a friend.

This contest is open to Canadian residents, except those in Quebec. Your entry must be in before December 14, 2008. Complete rules are here.

5. Possibly the best chocolate bar ever: Kit Kat Dark

Kit Kats are one of my very favorite chocolate bars and previously, when various 'flavors' have been put on the market, I've rejected them. I want my Kit Kat to be pure and unsullied. Jake tossed me a dark chocolate Kit Kat from his Halloween candy the other day, and suddenly I was in heaven. They could actually improve upon my favorite bit of chocolate?

OH YES. You must try one. One more plus? They are made from actual chocolate, not like some companies that I know who use icky OIL instead. (I'm looking straight at YOU, Hershey's)

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