Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Book Review: Man of the House

A few weeks ago, Authors on the Web contacted me and asked if I wanted a copy of a new book to read and review.

I just about did cartwheels on my lawn. Free? Book? Bring it on, baby. I was the kid who perpetually had her nose in a book and read everything she could get her hands on his school. I still enjoy reading so much that I can be found, sitting on the couch in front of the TV, reading. Chapters is the only store that I walk into and take a deep breath, just trying to inhale all that brand new ink and paper. I know. It's freakishly strange.

Man of the House by Ad Hudler was my first treasure book to read. (excerpt here)

The story line pretty much goes as follows; man is stay at home husband/father to a teenage girl, man gets bored of said stay at home-ness, man decides that he's been in "girly world" far too long and becomes more...manly. All in the middle of hurricane season and house renovations from Hell. Oh, and the teen's teacher develops a crush on him. There's a synopsis here too.

This novel is a nice light read, probably something that I would take with me to the beach or on vacation while I was looking for something that doesn't make me think too hard or that gets too deep. The writing is easy to follow and while in the middle the story got a bit too slow for my liking, I really enjoyed Linc's run ins with the upscale Moms from his daughter Violet's private school. Of course I won't give away the ending, but suffice it to say that there was a bit of a twist that I wasn't expecting. I would have liked it if the author had explored the relationship between Linc and the teacher more, or had written more about Violet's reaction to her father's transformation. There was prime fodder there for really ridiculously funny scenes, but somehow they didn't quite translate into the full on laugh out loud bits that I was hoping for.

In all honesty, I couldn't help but wonder if a stay at home Dad really would become as feminised as Linc was in the beginning of the book; and somehow I couldn't really convince myself of that. Somehow my mind kept wandering back to the stories I've read at the blog Looky Daddy, and while Brian has three times the estrogen to contend with then Linc, his stories convey that his masculinity is alive and well. In fact, he's not just a male stand in for a stay at home wife, but he's chartering his own course and doing damn well at it, while telling stories that make me practically spit coffee on my computer monitor in laughter. Linc seemed to either be a stay at home "sort of man", or a neglecting the house "real man", but little in between.

Overall, Man of the House was a good read and I'd rate it three out of five stars.

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