Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Advent Christmas Challenge

The Advent Christmas Challenge gauntlet was thrown down over at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl, and I gamely signed up to play! The idea is this....create an advent calendar of family activities to do, rather then those little chocolate squares that are gone in seconds.

I've been doing this for years and am really excited that someone else is taking it on as well! Whoo hoo! The twist that I put on it though is that Jake actually gets small items that co-incide with whatever it is we are instead of chocolate he gets fun things to go with the activity.

However, kids grow and as Jake has gotten older some of the things that used to be entertainment to him have changed. His tastes are more sophisticated, and now that he's in high school there's stuff like homework and time with friends to contend with.

Not just that but he blogs, and reads MY blog, so if I post everything here it would spoil the surprise of the whole thing. So instead, I'm giving you some of the things we used to do for our advent calendar, and the currently planned stuff is being kept secret. Secret, Jake! As in, not telling! So go do your English homework and get off my blog!

This year as we complete our calendar, I'll take pictures and post them.

1- Make a Christmas wish list and write a letter to Santa (fancy paper in the stocking)

2-decorate the tree (candy cane in the stocking)

3- go for a swim at with the Grinch at the local pool (swim tickets in stocking)

4- trip to Home Depot for one of their Saturday building classes

5- Santa Claus parade! (hot chocolate packet or cool blinky pin in stocking)

6- feed the birds out at the park! (bird seed in the stocking)

7- Jake's birthday party! (small present in the stocking)

8- walk and picnic in the park to watch the deer

9- out to Starbucks for a treat

10- build an elf fort and have a stories inside

11- decorate gingerbread cookies (sprinkles and cookie cutter in the stocking)

12- shop for Daddy's gift-Canadian Tire money in the stocking

13- skating with a friend on the free skate with Santa day!

14- Christmas concert night!

15- Hannukah...make potato latke's with books about Hannukah (dreidel in the stocking)

16- make fun Christmas tags for gifts (Mom packages up gifts for teachers)..craft items in stocking

17- deliver Christmas gifts to teachers

18- have a hot chocolate/cookie stand to raise money for the Hamper Fund! (this was actually Jake's idea when he was 3 hours he raised over $300!)

19- movie and popcorn night (movie coupon in the stocking)

20- decorate a gingerbread house

21- Jake's actual birthday! His choice of dinner and dessert

22- toy and food bank donating day...pick out a toy and some groceries to donate, and stop somewhere for a yummy treat afterwards.

23- drive around town to see the lights (glo stick in the stocking)...complete with hot chocolate and marshmallows, plus Christmas tunes

24- Put magic reindeer food out for the reindeer, read "Polar Express" before bed

25- open presents, have Christmas dinner at a swanky hotel, and enjoy the day with Mom and Dad!

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