Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's Up This Weekend

So the rest of my week post Turkey day was pretty mundane. Get up, go to work in the cold pouring rain, you get the picture. It was one of those weeks where I almost wished that I could've just stayed in bed instead but we do have jobs to do and bills to pay just like everyone else.

This was the week of the turkey sandwich. I never used to like turkey sandwiches, because to me they always seemed dry and tasteless. That was until this week, when I looked in my fridge and far too lazy to make something else for work lunches, I concocted this amazing one on my own. I had it for lunch every day and I seriously think that if I even lay eyes on another piece of roasted turkey meat I'm going to start sprouting feathers.

But for the curious among you, he's my version of a good turkey sandwich:

1. Use a heavier bread so that it doesn't go soggy. (I used a whole wheat Kaiser bun)
2. Bottom-turkey slices
3. layer 2- stuffing..... I had never thought of stuffing before, but this made the sandwich.
4. layer 3- cranberry orange compote (recipe to come)
5. layer 4- a bit of mayo
6. top it with the other 1/2 of the bun.


I could go on about elections, especially since ours felt like a big ol' waste of time because we ended up with pretty much the SAME government as before, thanks to the 40% of Canadians who chose not to vote. Then there's the mudslinging also known as the USA Presidential election, which many of us watch with fascinated horror because we know in the end it affects us too.

You also can't get away from those ads when you have American channels on your TV. Gotta say, November can't come fast enough.

So what's on tap for the Cookie Jar this weekend?

-gearing up for Halloween! Let's get some pumpkins and pull out the decorations....
-rounding up my empty milk jugs for a milk jug skeleton
-I'm starting to crochet some scarves for Christmas gifts
-cookie baking! This week it's peanut butter cup cookies. You can vote for future cookies in the side bar....or if you want to see a kind that's not there, let me know in the comments
-some photos if the nice weather holds
-renting some movies to enjoy with Jake and Hubs
-canning some hot pepper jelly

I'll be back with the results...and pictures!

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