Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Southern Exposure

Things here in the Cookie Jar have been so insanely busy this week. Not only did I have the nerve to switch jobs this week and begin at a new school, but being the mean mother I am I had to insist that Jake actually do homework. After all, it's grade 8 and he or something if he doesn't.

Embarrassing moments can be interesting to share. Should it be just be the time that Jake was 2 and discovered how zippers worked by unzipping my top in the middle of a grocery store? Or when he asked a fellow shopper "are you my Daddy?"

Na. I can top that; and Jake wasn't even involved.

We were in Disneyland, on Main Street USA, watching a parade. Some cutesy thing with flying princesses and dancing animals, all wonderful and smiley and shiny. The place was packed, since that week everyone in California decided that they needed to take their children to Disney before school started. Being the clueless Canadian tourists that we are, we didn't realize this and stupidly subjected ourselves to the crush of thousands of people for 3 days straight.

Did I mention it was crowded?

At the end of the parade, I needed to go the bathroom. Fortunately there wasn't a line up, and I quickly finished my business because we were on our way to California Adventure and didn't want to get caught in the crush of people leaving the area.

I ran down the steps and quickly found Jake and Hubs, grabbed their hands, and off we went down Main Street USA in the middle of a mass of people.

Suddenly, someone suddenly gripped my shoulders from behind and female whispered in my ear,

"You may want to check your skirt. I can't believe nobody said anything, but it's probably because you have cute cheeks!"

My hand flew to the back of my skirt, and right then and there I discovered that my fun little swingy skirt that I had picked to wear that evening had gotten caught up in the waistband.

My butt was being flashed to thousands of people on Main Street USA in Disneyland.

A bit of quick maneuvering and the skirt was fixed, but my savior was gone before I could thank her.

"Mom, you're a flasher!"

"Shut up."

"Well you know at least there's one good thing...."

"What's that...I'm not on You Tube?"

"Na. You weren't wearing a thong."

I've never worn the skirt again.

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you another one!

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