Sunday, October 12, 2008

Open Letter to Mr. Stephen Harper and John Weston.

Canadians vote for a new government on Tuesday, and I'm sure this has you nervous. Will you again be Prime Minister of Canada? Leader of my local riding? Or will you be relegated to the sidelines as someone else takes the reins? Is the Conservative Party shaking in the their boots as they realize that maybe Canadians won't vote for them this election?

Maybe you're losing sleep over it.

Personally, I'm not. I've watched the news, and I see what's happening in my community. We have the Olympics coming here in 2010, you know. You say you're not going to raise taxes, and yet the cost overruns are astronomical. Who is going to pay for it? Ottawa? No, it will be the people of BC. In TAXES. I can't even afford to GO to the Olympics and I live mere miles away. Oh, but that's the Liberal's fault, right? Our provincial government has to take the hit on that one.

Except that your promises specifically say ALL Canadians, and BC is definitely part of Canada. I resent being left holding the bag to over a billion dollars that we have to fork over to pay for a 10 day party for the rich, whether we want to or not.

Where I live, housing is so expensive that the average two income family can't afford a home. The ferries, our only link to services that we do not have, are now so expensive to use that many people go without. Both Social Services and education have been cut to the bare minimum. Do you realize that my child goes to school in classes that have 30+ children in them and as many as nine IEPs?

You claim to be all about Canadian families and absolutely in touch with what we need.

I'm sure that what most Canadian families need this weekend is a relaxing Thanksgiving with their families; not to be phoned for days, repeatedly, at all hours, by your cronies trying to win voters over.

If you two can't even get that right, you're even stupider then I thought.

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