Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~October 27

I love long weekends. Three whole days to drag out the whole cleaning the house/grocery shopping/cooking thing, with tons of time to crochet or hike outside. This weekend I tried making Chocolate Thin Mint cookies from one of my Every Day Food magazines, and I can't say that I'm really thrilled about them. There's something missing, you know? Give me a little time and I'll spruce them up to something more worth of being blogged about.

"Mom, they need a mint filling before you dip them in chocolate. Like sandwich cookies."

Jake, you are so right. Like these, perhaps?

While I sort that out, the rest of the week is pretty much taken care of.

Somehow I have this abundance of pasta, and so I'm pulling out some of the home canned tomatoes (best idea ever, gotta do that again next summer) and making Spicy Clam Sauce to ladle over top of some hot whole wheat noodles. Best garlic bread ever? Just melt a little butter, throw some chopped garlic in it, let it cook a bit and then brush it over thick slices of french bread and under the broiler it goes. SO much better then the ready made stuff from the store. Easy, too!

After that it's Merlot Braised Beef because a) I have this bottle of Merlot sitting on the counter that was given to me in June and it's still sitting there, looking at me and b) stewing beef was on sale. Plus Jake is a self declared carnivore, as he devours this dish when it's served over garlic smashers. I'll be lucky to get any leftovers in my lunch. That recipe will be posted soon!

My new issue of Every Day Food arrived last week and in there is a recipe that the whole family will eat and looks good too-some chicken skillet thing with sauted mushrooms, fresh herbs, lemon juice, and a bit of butter. Mmmm....sounds yummy! I really like having a herb garden because even this time of year my thyme is happily growing on my porch, just ready to be thrown into various dishes. Again-since it's a new recipe, it will be posted if it garners my family's approval.

While we're cleaning out the pantry, how bout something quick and easy like some Egg "McMuffins" with roasted potato wedges? I don't think you need a recipe for that-just a poached egg tucked into an English Muffin with some ham and cheese. Well, that is unless you are like me and didn't really learn how to poach an egg properly until this past year.

Anyway they are quick and easy, and besides-sometimes you just gotta have breakfast for dinner. Did I mention they're cheap, too?

Oh, and Halloween? Are you expecting that I'll come up with some amazingly creative dinner that reflects my "holiday spirit"? You're joking, right? I'll probably pull some soup out of the freezer or whip up some burgers, and do my best to fill Jake up on something decent before he takes off for the candy fest (otherwise known as trick or treating).

Maybe I'll just pick up a pizza. Who knows?

So, what's on YOUR menu for the week?

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