Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Heart Crochet

Photo by Breibeest

Ohhh.....this is pretty. I could make some Christmas gifts. Yes, it would be not that expensive either....I mean how great is that to get something home made for Christmas? I have the time and...OH! Look at that yarn! And that one! Striped? Mohair? Ack! There's too many!

The store is bustling with shoppers; mostly older women buying up bright fabric for Christmas projects and quilts but there I stand, mesmerized, in the wool section. Every color surrounds me; fuzzy bright pinks and oranges, earthy browns and greens, and funky striped wool for socks. I knew I shouldn't have come in here, for this place is like a delicious piece of dark chocolate. You have one nibble, and then you can't resist going back for more.

It would be dangerous for me to learn how to knit. Last year I taught myself how to crochet via the Internet, and already I'm this addicted. Let's remember too that I can't even tied my shoelaces properly, and so knitting? I'd likely need professional help.

Not to mention that if I learn, my addiction would blossom from simple scarf making into blankets, sweaters, and socks.

Hmmm....socks. That would be the coolest! The store does offer classes......

Before Christmas I never have any will power when it comes to creating things, either. It's a sickness that struck me when I was a teenager and has continued to this day.

A beautiful skein of soy wool leaps off the shelf into my hand and I show it to Jake.

"Oh, look at this one! It's so soft! And the colors, Jake. Keira would love these purples and how it turns to blue, and browns, and...."

"Mom just get the wool, okay? I'm bored." Kids. They just don't understand.

Not one, but six skeins tucked into a bag like treasures, and home we go.

A hot cup of coffee, crackling fire, blanket in the lap and many hours of TV programs later, I'm almost finished. Doesn't matter that I've had to rip my work out and start over, because the first row was too tight and threw the whole thing off. Right now it's coming together into a soft, fuzzy, beautiful finished product.

My fingers? They feel like they are going TO. FALL. OFF.

We all know I'll be back for more.

Do you have a crafting addiction?

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