Monday, September 08, 2008

The Sky Is Falling!

"Okay Jake, shake a' shake."

"You sure?"


Leaves rustle, the tree sways, and suddenly it's raining plums.

Thwack! One lands in the grass in front of me. Thwack thwack thwack! Like Easter eggs, they roll around on the ground and under blackberry bushes and in clumps in the grass, just waiting for me to find them.

"Hey! Stop throwing them at me!"

Thus is our own way of snagging all the plums from a plum tree down the road. The tree stands in an empty lot, seemingly unwanted and ignored. Last year the kids were using the sweet, juicy fruit as ammunition in their own version of "plum wars" until Jake and I decided that instead of leaving the fruit to rot or be eaten by bears, we'd collect it and make jam.

Oh, the jam. Hands down the best jam I've ever made.

This year, someone else discovered the plum tree, because when Jake and I went to pick the fruit yesterday we noticed that everything near the bottom was missing. So up into the branches Jake went, shaking the limbs and watching smooth purple fruit drop into the grass below. Below onto me, of course. Usually I'd get out of the way but every now and then a stray plum would smack me on the head.

"You getting much from that tree?" a neighbor called from his porch as he sipped a cup of coffee; obviously amused by the sight of the gangly teen up in the tree shaking, and the Mom below being rained on with plums. "I guess that's just what we need, is a kid to send up there and give it a good shake!"

"Hey it's just like Ancient Egypt, when they'd send the trained baboons up into the trees to pick figs," Jake grinned.

Great. I have a baboon. Now if I could train him to stop throwing those green plums at my butt.....

The recipe that I use is straight from my liquid Certo package....

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