Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Mean Queen

Our house has been invaded by the gimmies.

Namely, they've infected Jake. I think he picked it up from high school. The transition to high school has gone incredibly well this month, although he has come home with some other interesting side effects.

The first one was iPod-itis. You know, where suddenly he can't concentrate in class unless he has an earbud in both ears blaring Simple Plan or something. He currently doesn't own an iPod, was never really interested in one, but now is craving one with wild abandon.

Next it was crude-teenager-talki-is. That one was more manageable, but usually requires me to put up a hand mid-sentence and ask, " Does this story have anything to do with drugs, sex, or anything else entirely inappropriate because if so, I don't want to hear about it."

Yes, put the brain in gear before you tell me about some sicko computer game that your friend was telling you about or the fact that someone else told you that a friend accessed a porno site in the computer lab and turned the sound way up so everyone could hear it.

Yesterday we were in the city at a Michael's store looking for cool stuff to use for a project for school and he approached me with some fountain pen thing.

"Mom, I want this. I neeeeeeeeed this."

"You have the same thing at home."

"Yes but I can use it for my project. It's only $9.99!"

"No. We are here to buy Australian themed stickers, paper, etc. Not $10 pens that you already have."



(big sigh of "oh my GOD you are, like, so MEAN.")

Five minutes later he was back.

"Mom, this sealing wax is really cool...."


"But I'll use it for my project...."


"Really I can..."

"What part of NO do you not get?! NO!"

"You're mean."

Lately this is my new title whenever I say no to the pleas to buy tons of stuff he doesn't need. Doesn't matter that I buy the groceries, cook favorite dinners, do all the laundry, clean the house and help with the homework, I'm just mean.

So I walked out of the store and left Jake standing there.

Teenagers. Can't live with 'em, and you can't kill 'em either.

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