Friday, September 12, 2008

Karma part 2

What a week! This back to school thing has really set Jake and I back a bit while we re-group and try to figure out new routines. Our mornings sound like this:

Jake: "Mom, where's my lunch bag?"
"By the door."
Jake: "Where's my pants?"
"In the laundry."
Jake: "Where's my...."
"For the love of God, can't I even PEE? You're in high school, figure it out!"

Then it's the dreaded, but expected, hit up for cash.

"I need money for school pictures. And a year book is $50. Oh, and Mrs. Trent says I need a scientific calculator. Dividers would be good too. Did you know that the canteen sells tea? That would be nice with lunch."

He needs his own ATM. Or a job, at the very least.

Then, after our little monkey dance in the neighborhood plum tree I've been spending every night this week making batches of jam as they have ripened, bit by bit, wishing that they could've all just ripened at the same time, dammit, and not a jam batch at a time.

I am SO completely sick of making jam it's not even funny.

On my drive home I decided to pick up Jake and hit the candy store for a drink; a place that we haven't been to since this incident awhile ago, and we were into an amazing surprise.

Go read the link. Seriously. You need to in order to get the rest of this. I'll wait.....SHOO! I mean it!


Okay, anyway we got into the store, and the clerk approached us. Apparently Matt had come back to the store again awhile ago, and she confronted him. Not even just a "you are a pain in the butt" confrontation. More like a "You are a complete little ass and how would your Mom like to know that you were here bullying kids and stealing their candy?!?" She didn't just give him a good scolding about his behavior, but then told him....wait for this one.....

.....that he wasn't welcome in the store anymore and to get out.

Jake and I stood there listening to her, with our mouths hanging open in complete shock. She actually kicked him out? We hadn't even been back to the store since the incident because the whole thing had left such a bad taste in my mouth. How could I support a business that turned a blind eye to that sort of thing?

"...and I told him that the next time he sees you he'd better pay you back for the candy, the little jerk."

(More mouth gaping. Shock. What caused this complete turn around from the original response?)

Jake and I thanked her probably six times, we were so touched. It was amazing to know that someone had cared enough to get involved because that's what community does. We look out for each other. Will we continue to be regular candy buying customers? You'd better believe it.

"Mom, that's so cool!" Jake chirped from the back seat as we drove home. "You were right, too. Matt got his karma after all-it was just from someone we didn't expect."

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